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When you partner with Certified Heat Treating Inc., you are teaming up with one of the top innovative problem solvers in the industry. We offer the insight and expertise to assist you in procuring the right heat treatment process for your projects. No matter what the issue—unacceptable distortion, hardness uniformity, case depth, or all of these factors—we have the application knowledge and technical capabilities to get the job done right—on time and within budget.

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Vacuum heat treating are processes that involve removing most of the air and its reactive elements from the heat treating environment. The process results in a bright finish and low distortion. Certified Heat Treating Inc. operates the most sophisticated equipment available assuring our customers receive the most uniform and predictable heat treating of their tooling components.

Abar Ipsen 72”x48”

Surface Combustion 50”x48”


Atmosphere heat treating processes are performed under a controlled, gaseous environment, usually devoid of oxygen. By controlling the gases surrounding the part at high temperatures, the part surface can be protected or enhanced. Certified Heat Treating Inc. supports a wide range of atmosphere heat treating services including neutral hardening, carburizing, carbonitrating and oil hardening.

Surface Combustion 72”x36”x48”

Surface Combustion 72”x42”x42”



Deep cryogenic processing is a procedure that involves cooling parts to more than -300F to remove retained austenite in the steel, or to relieve stresses and make a more homogenous, stable structure. Certified Heat Treating Inc. combines deep cryogenic processing with state-of-the-art vacuum heat treating capabilities to offer unmatched metal treating and the best performance possible. Our microprocessor-controlled freezing units are capable of achieving true -300F process on parts up to 60” long. Cryogenic processing can save our customers money by extending the life and performance of the parts they manufacture.

In-house microprocessor controlled, cryogenic chamber


Certified Heat Treating Inc. supports a complete on-site metallurgical lab capable of performing case depth verification, carbon percentage, microstructure analysis, material analysis, and magnetic particle inspection.


Certified Heat Treating Inc. provides convenient dock-to-dock pick up and delivery service throughout the Tri-State area. Our fleet of trucks and experienced drivers are on the road daily, ready to transport your parts cost-effectively and safely.